Nefeez Ahmed says in The Guardian’s “EarthInsight” feature that…

…”the forces behind ‘climate denial’ and racism are the same”…


This focus on alleged demographic overlap between “climate denial” and racism shows the tribal confusion of many Man Made Global Warming promoters.

The best promotion of their case would be clear, scientific evidence.

If they have such evidence, why do they focus on irrelevant side issues?

If they do not have it, why do the Mainstream Media not ask WHY they don’t?

If they do not have it, WHY are supposedly green, anti-CO2 taxes still in operation, imposing needless, sometimes fatal, fuel poverty on many?

Honest, NON-CLIMATEGATED evidence shows that the sun, and not CO2, controls climate: hence the warm 20th Century, with its active sun; and the even warmer, sun-kissed Mediaeval Warm Period, 1,000 years before car emissions began — at which time Greenland was melted green (from 1,000 AD to 1,200 AD).

Hence also our present cooling, as storm-driving Jet Stream bends now indicate a sharply weakening sun.

Nefeez Ahmed also claims that the Man Made Climate Change denial blogosphere contains ‘ill informed viciousness’…which ‘alienates anyone who might want an informed debate’.

Little could be more ill-informed than the years of FROZEN “MILD WINTERS”, and FLOODED “DROUGHTS”, mis-forecast by the Global Warming promoting Met Office — not to mention the BBC’s 2007 prediction of an ice-free Arctic by summer 2013; in which year ice-cover actually rose 60% in response to the cooling climate trend in place since the 1998 solar heat peak.

These failed Warmist prophecies contrast with Climate Realist forecast success: through both Weather Action’s correct calling of the various recent freezes and storms, and via their longterm prediction (since 2007) of our now evident cooling to a Mini Ice Age. Tellingly, the recent freezes — Weather Action pre-mapped, blizzard by blizzard — have come near a 22 year solar MAXIMUM; but a very weak one, indicating the depth of the cooling fall-away to come.

The anger that Nefeez notes in Climate Realist forum threads is explained very simply by the establishment stifling of public debate — as witness the BBC’s sacking of naturalist David Bellamy, for declaring non-belief in Man Made Global Warming: “poppycock”, according to Bellamy in 2004.


A principled, intelligent man, and a famously genuine lover of nature, David Bellamy was a threat to the Man Made Global Warming (MMGW) establishment, since the public trusted him.

His popularity and integrity would have broken the media-faked link between loving nature — which he did — and believing in Global Warming — which he did not.

This would have exposed the “chattering” falseness of social pressure to believe in Global Warming: a force peddling a logic-empty, evidence-bereft consensus, based on CLIMATEGATED lies — yet STILL the official reason for taxing fuel and warmth.

Such oppression is never acceptable in a democracy. And with people suffering, even dying, from fuel poverty — as a record cold winter clings on in the North USA — it becomes obscene.

THAT is why the blogosphere is angry.



6 thoughts on “!!! CRAZED AND CONFUSED !!!

  1. Did some housekeeping – Added screengrab & hyper links, edited DM link (removed the tracking part) and added categories

    Post on my site has relevance to the ad hominems coming thick n’ fast from the eco-geeks. It is all they have left in their armoury these days. How it must hurt to be outsmarted by a bunch of so called racist, Neanderthals in the pay of the Kock brothers.

  2. Hey Craig!

    Thanks for your help… You may have to explain hyper links properly…and screen grab…will screen grab stay active for my future posts? And also how to post on your site possibly… unless I can suss it out!

    Enjoy the bank holiday!

    • This might help.

      to insert a video just paste the link (works in comments also)
      If you stay logged in as well you should be able to see a reblog button. Your comment will appear at the head if the story. Due to time I mist don’t comment so just pass the story on.
      links – highlight word then ctrl+k on desktop or use icon that looks like a chain. on the desktop you can also type a word like ‘Floods’ to search previous posts (easier than trying to remember!)
      screengrab – http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/
      very useful. You can upload via media section (for future use)
      My site’s not linked to the WA site, but you have full admin here. If you wanna do something on craigm350 I can set you as contributer? I’ve also added pebbleskies as a stand alone site for just the weather and cloud images. Thought it would be nice as a non political place to appreciate but to sit alongside WA. I’ll set you as admin if you want?


  3. Cool Craig! Thanks for info… Yes I would love to contribute to Craig350 and to be admin on Pebbleskies… Thanks! Lovely name as well… What a good idea BTW with “pebble skies”… As a factual site, it might explore any data distortion, incl any soft spin with forecasts deploy, emphasising higher end of temp ranges, predicted or actual… Talk soon, Jonathan

    • Jonathan, will send invites in next few days for sites.

      As for PSkies I’m going to keep it 100% just on clouds with maybe the odd story in cloud formation etc and say noctilucent clouds. Ideally it’s an apolitical area free from cagw & those who oppose. However it will be linked up to the wa sites so people who wish can look further ‘into the rabbit hole’.

      Great stories btw – missed those. Be good to canvass subscribers and see if any want to add/help out. Artwork a good avenue too.

      Do you mind doing a brief profile on yourself? My about section draws a fair amount of traffic (surprises me but I do the same myself). I’m going to mention you on the WA main blog shortly.

      Get yourself a google+ account also, going to set this up for Piers as it links to youtube etc and helps the social media side (one post can go across a few platforms). Google hangouts is also an interesting feature in line with what you were looking at for making the WA meetings more accessible to all.


      P.S. Will fire u an email as in London soon so be cool to catch up again (finally!).

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