!!! DARK AGES !!!

Reliance on stuttering, Warmist-promoted windpower may threaten electricity blackouts — an ironic, economy-jeopardising echo of the UN-imposed darkness, which shrouds the IPCC’s “Global Warming” data and analysis.

Their computer coding’s concealment amid Mediaeval secrecy — in likely defiance of various Freedom of Information Acts — makes them seem as if they have something to hide.

Since their carbon taxes control billions of dollars’ global cashflow, their honesty is the least we can demand — especially those of us who their policies have consigned to fuel poverty.

The legitimacy of the Freedom of Information exemption that they claim to hold — on the grounds of the “proprietary” nature of Michael Mann’s work — is debatable.

But there is a much BIGGER point.

If their data and analysis REALLY supported their alarmist pronouncements, they would WANT to show it.


Dr Tim Ball quoted the following on Wattsupwiththat.com, from a Slate.com feature on 30th March, 2014:

“In a new U.N. report released on Monday morning (Japan time) scientists come to a stark conclusion: Unless the world changes course immediately and dramatically, the fundamental systems that support human civilization are at risk.”



Analysis SHOULD explain the above to a sceptical public: openness would help an honest case — but damage a distorted one.

So, if their silence SEEMS to confer the guilt of data distortion, then it probably DOES!


This seems an apt moment to re-issue my invitation to Mr Tom Chivers, The Daily Telegraph’s Assistant Comment Editor, to join in a public, televised debate with Piers Corbyn, founder and director of Weather Action, about the nature and cause of climate change, both now and through the ages!



He joined me in a comment thread about his Warmist article, condemning Charles Moore’s timely obituary of the Man Mad Global Warming scam.

Sadly, he left our exchange unfinished; as far as it went, it is copied below.

I am “Liberdad”.



UN and IPCC climate models’ inability to make the jet stream bend show their inadequacy, since recent extreme weather has been driven by these 2000 mile jet stream meanders: including the extraordinary US winter — still going in places –and the Middle Eastern snow.

These jet stream bends are a Little Ice Age signature — driven by weak solar cycles, and entirely unaffected by CO2, which continues its microscopic rise as temps fall.

Tom Chivers Liberdad • an hour ago
“Chivers shivers”? Wow that takes me back to Key Stage 2


Liberdad Tom Chivers
Good morning, Tom! 😉 …and Flattered by the attention.

Yes. I think warmism is freezing and you have been spooked by Charles’ public wisdom.

Your illogical NONSCIENCE is shivering.

Why don’t you talk proper science?

Why don’t you tackle the issue of solar driven cooling, even as irrelevant CO2 rises? Why don’t you discuss the sun driven Mediaeval Warm Period, pre-dating the car by hundreds of years and making us warm, and Greenland green?

Why don’t you debate with Piers Corbyn and Prof Murry Salby on TV, or on a DT stream? See Weatheraction.com or get in touch with me and I will arrange a meeting between the two of you.

Very Best Regards,

Jonathan Graham


So, Mr Chivers, if you would like to debate climate properly with Weather Action’s Piers Corbyn, publically, then please contact me on this blog. 



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