New paper finds .8C global cooling during Dalton Minimum

The Next Grand Minimum

A paper published today in Climate of the Past finds the low solar activity during the Dalton Minimum from 1780-1840 had a significant effect on climate and ocean heat content. According to the authors, “Global and hemispheric mean surface temperatures show a significant dependence on solar irradiance at λ [wavelengths] > 250 nm” and “Reduction of irradiance at λ [wavelengths] > 250 nm leads to a significant (up to 2%) decrease in the ocean heat content (OHC) between 0 and 300 meters in depth, whereas the changes in irradiance at λ [wavelengths] < 250 nm or in energetic particles have virtually no effect.”

The paper shows a ~16 x 10^22 Joule decrease in global ocean heat content from 0 to 100 meters during the Dalton Minimum, which by way of comparison is 3 times larger than the 5 x 10^22 Joule increase in global ocean heat content 0-100 meters over…

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