Lying Accelerates At The NYT


By Paul Homewood


In an article that the BBC would be proud of, the New York Times claims that the melting of glaciers is accelerating. To emphasise the point, they headline with comparison photos of the Muir Glacier, Alaska.

These are often reproduced, to show the effects of “global warming”, and contrast images in 1941 and 2004. The message is clear, and we all know whose fault it is!

What the NYT, and all the other purveyors of doom never show you is the other picture in the series from 1950. All three photos are on the USGS page here.

Let’s look at all three together.




Clearly, most of the retreat since 1941 actually took place by 1951.

But even this is not the whole story. In this USGS report. they state :

The glacier that filled Glacier Bay during the Little Ice Age began…

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