Does Bloomberg see itself as part of the Man Made Global Warming bandwagon, assuming future climate doom as a given — and only asking how much we need to pay to try and stop it?

Bloomberg has posted a video link dubbed “The Political Divide Over Climate Change”, on its “Business Week” website. Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis attributes Republican climate scepticism solely to the anti-market measures imposed as solutions to Global Warming.

He does not mention the matter of evidence — or lack of it!


!!! MID-SUMMER’S YEAR WAS 1998 !!!

He ignores the planet’s cooling following the 1998 solar activity peak — the recency of which explains relatively warm years over the past decade, even though it has started to cool, as witness recent Euro and US freezes.


Tellingly, this cooling has been happening even as irrelevant CO2 has continued to rise; and still does now — to no effect on climate.

Bob Inglis ignores the world’s having been way hotter than now from 1,000 AD to 1,300 AD — 600 years before car emissions — because of the sun. Then, in the Mediaeval Warm Period, Greenland was melted green, and people farmed it: 500 years before industrial emissions!

In 1998, in the 20th Century’s “Modern Warm Period”, even the BBC’s nascent web presence featured the sun’s control of climate.



John Prescott, the Bloc’s lead negotiator for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, has said the EU risks losing ground in the fight against climate change, as it prioritises energy security over reducing emissions, amidst concerns about the future reliability of Russian gas supplies, and its current plans to cut imports from Russia’s OAO Gazprom.


The “fight” is demanded by those who predicted that Arctic summer ice would be gone by 2013 — a year when ice amounts increased, as the delayed effect of the post 1998 cooling started to kick in.


World temps have fallen, in contradiction of UN and IPCC predictions; showing that their climate models don’t work — a fact underlined by the frigid US winter just gone.

Stock traders need to anticipate the market’s next move to profit: they must be “ahead of the curve” — unless they are trying to manipulate the market.


3 thoughts on “!!! DOOMBERG’S FAKE DEBATE !!!

  1. As long as the ”Skeptics” are ”speculating that: 800-700y ago was warmer planet than today = the skeptics are born losers…

    today, with 6000 thermometers recording for IPCC still nobody knows what’s the ”OVERALL” global temp, to save his / her life – ”pretending” to know what exact temp was hundreds of years ago; before thermometer was invented – for when the planet was flat and nobody was monitoring in the ”unknown world… is the precursor of all today’s evil regarding the Warmist misleading propaganda: http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/climate/

    • Stephan,

      the temps being warmer are shown by observations of glaciers/tree lines/vine growing etc – there are enough clues left from those early periods – and more so in Roman times – that it was warmer in the Northern Hemisphere. By another measure towns and cities have got warmer from all the UHI and retained heat of AC or asphalt that is released at night (pushing up min temps) – but that is local as a few miles away the effect is negligible. Factor in also the vast land clearances we have undertook or conversely the Co2 that is greening the planet.

      Whilst I agree the overall temp is in equilibrium and a global temp is meaningless especially with the heat content of the oceans unquantifiable also, it appears pretty silly to say something like the LIA was not cooler than now – glaciers have globally retreated, albeit waxing and waning and are revealing trees trapped during the MWP. The energy to our planet does change and is affected by many things so is constantly in flux. The planet cannot have a set temperature but rather a range it oscillates within, I see circulation changes such as the meridional LIA patterns as an expression of adaptation to lower solar energy with the balance kept – so yes global temps the same (stays within range) but the overall effect is cooling at the surface and that’s what we’re looking at as it’s at the surface we experience weather.


    • Craig, under the ”normal laws of physics / THE SELF ADJUSTING MECHANISM”, overall global temp is ALWAYS the same! ”Researchers in the past didn’t take in consideration those laws, which were and always will be the same! For everything that happened, there are real reasons, nothing happens without reason. But those shonky researchers in the past accumulated ”wrong” reasons – which is the precursor of today’s phony GLOBAL” warming

      b] I know what you and the rest know, and support the skeptics, BUT, I made a post criticizing the skeptics / constructive criticism, for you people to open your eyes and minds; because if you proceed with status que – you will stay as born losers and the Warmist will lough all the way to the bank – please have look this post: http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/skeptics-stinky-skeletons-from-their-closet/

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