McCarthyism meets Post Modern Green Imperialism

We are now in a position where being a [green] communist is favourable, in fact being anything is fine, as long as you do not question the doctrine of global warming. The message is abundantly clear – any act of straying from doctrine will be punished. Dissenters (a.k.a. anyone with a modicum of scientific integrity) will be damned – even if you deliberately kill Africans in the name of saving them. The poor can obviously go **** themselves if they want or hope to improve their lot in life.

Prof. Caleb Rossiter: ‘If people ever say that fears of censorship for ‘climate change’ views are overblown, have them take a look at this. Just two days after I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal calling for Africa to be allowed the ‘all of the above’ energy strategy we have in the U.S., the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) terminated my 23-year relationship with them…because my analysis and theirs ‘diverge.’

IPS email of ‘termination’ to Rossiter: ‘We would like to inform you that we are terminating your position as an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies…Unfortunately, we now feel that your views on key issues, including climate science, climate justice, and many aspects of U.S. policy to Africa, diverge so significantly from ours

And just in case the message is not clear to the billions without power (you know electricity to keep medicines or food fresh) GreenPIECE would like Indians to bow to their fanatical will

Seventy million households – 35-40 percent of the country’s 1.2 billion people – still have no access to electricity. This summer authorities in north India are battling power breakdowns and public anger as the country swelters under the longest heatwave on record.The Intelligence Bureau said the foreign NGOs and their Indian arms were serving as tools to advance Western foreign policy interests.”Greenpeace aims to fundamentally change the dynamics of India’s energy mix by disrupting and weakening the relationship between key players,” the IB report said.Greenpeace said it had asked the government to share with it the intelligence report so it could defend the allegations against the organisation.”We have a legitimate right to express our views in what is the world’s largest democracy. We believe that this report is designed to muzzle and silence civil society who raise their voices against injustices to people and the environment by asking uncomfortable questions about the current model of growth,” it said. Greenpeace believed that India should embrace renewable energy and improve energy efficiency instead of destroying forests to access the coal underneath.

India spy agency says Greenpeace endangers economic security

The same ‘renewables’ that are going to turn off lights in the UK – or if Ed Davey has his way will be aupported by massive increase in air polluting diesel back up generators – so a few enviro fascists can ensure the poor stay poor and uber hypocrite Al Gore and his cronies can continue to laugh in our faces as they continue living a life of Riley. Greenpeace are a relic of the last century and are nothing but a fully functioning propoganda arm of a ‘New World Order’ of ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ Apparatchiks. They are more than happy to jet around the world telling Africans to sacrifice their children to ‘save the planet’.

A better idea would be if Greenpeace and the green zealots sacrificed themselves to save humanity from the Green reich.

3 thoughts on “McCarthyism meets Post Modern Green Imperialism

  1. What a sad, sad stage of affairs!

    I am persuaded that unreported CHAOS and TERROR in August 1945 scared world leaders into taking totalitarian control of humanity to save the world from destruction by accidental nuclear ignition.

    Peaceful reconciliation after sixty-nine years of deception will not be easy, but that is probably the best way to restore integrity to government and to government science.

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