Piers Corbyn blasts the BBC-MetOffice for incompetent forecast

Piers Corbyn blasts BBC-MetOffice forecast incompetence:

Huge waste and disruption from Needless cancellation of  20 Heathrow flights caused by arrogant and stupid BBC-MetOffice, Environment Agency thunder-deluge ‘Over- forecasts’

Recorded lightning between 12-18oohrs
Recorded lightning between 12-18oo hrs,
Heathrow looks amazing clear.
Image: LightningMaps.org

Piers Corbyn says:

“20 Heathrow flights were cancelled between 4pm and 6pm (today) July19 to satisfy crazy ‘Over the top’ thunder deluges warnings of the Met Office – BBC who adhere slavishly to standard meteorology with all its known failings.

“WeatherAction solar-based forecasts indicated clearly that nothing of such alarmist intensity and extent could happen, yet still – while real time developments were denying their computer output – the MetOffice-BBC and Heathrow Airport stubbornly stuck to a stupid alarmist amber warning for the ~12 hours ~11.30am to 11.45pm and to the needless grounding of 20 Heathrow flights 4pm-6pm to give extra time for landings in extensive seriously bad weather that never came – amounting only to a few local isolated thunderstorms / rainstorms of no serious consequence to aviation or anybody. Reality trashed the MetOffice-Environment Agency alarmism.[1]

All lightning strikes recorded on the 19th July by LightningMaps.org.
All lightning strikes recorded on the 19th July by LightningMaps.org. Heathrow is in the clear patch.

“One wonders when, if ever, politicians will call the BBC, MetOffice and Heathrow airport to account for squandering of public money on failed forecast procedures, misleading the public and causing needless costly delays and suffering to travelling families and business people.

“WeatherAction had indicated over 4 weeks ahead that the main thunderstorms and deluges around this part of July would be in our solar driven R4 period 15-17th+/-1day which was confirmed with intense thunder, lightning and deluges on night 17/18th in activity which the MetOffice computer seriously underestimated.

 Heathrow is clearly in the firing line  Image: LightningMaps.org
Heathrow is clearly in the firing line
Image: LightningMaps.org

“Our forecast further indicated that the following period, 18-21st – or 19-21st if R4 was extended which it was, would be a relatively MUCH QUIETER PERIOD with the 19th being at its centre which means that it is impossible (at least 95% confidence) for any extensive severe storm type weather or severe cyclogenesis to occur then and that standard meteotology computer models would overestimate activity – which they did.

“It is an observed fact that serious storm developments and major cyclogenessis only occurs in WeatherAction R4 (Major Red) and R5 (Top Red) periods +/-1d and that standard meteorology forecasts for such extremes FAIL if they fall in a WeatherAction SLAT (Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique) quietish/quiet (NSF/Q)  period. That is what happened today even though the impending ignominious failure of their forecast was apparent in the morning as reality diverged more and more from their computer model output.

“This is not the first time that BBC-MetO have failed to learn from scientific advance and stubbornly stuck to their failed deluded script.  It is clear the MetOffice-BBC and large ‘too-big-to-fail’ operations such as Heathrow airport and their political-Govt associates are incapable of learning and improving forecasts and their public application.

“To do so by using the scientific advances of WeatherAction necessitates negation of the Co2-warmist delusional theory and consequent energy ‘policy’ and all the related scams and robbery (carbon tax, carbon-trading, biofuels, energy price hike windfalls by BigOil, wind-farms etc) which depend on it.

“Only public outrage and a total restructuring of public forecasting bodies, academia and governance of BBC and ‘too-big-to-fail’ operations can end their wasteful and politcally corrupt ways of operating and force them to apply evidence-based science and come under true accountability now and henceforth.

“The situation now is very like in the 18th century when entrenched deluded interests of the Royal Society held back the application of John Harrison’s succesful accurate clock measurement of longitude at sea for 30 years while thousands perished in shipwrecks which were avoidable under the application of his techniques.

“IN METEOROLOGICAL TERMS what happened on 19th was interesting. A number of observers reported situations of rain ‘trying to happen’ or clouds looking ready to deluge and Mammatus clouds (the droopy ones) seemingly raining but the rain not reaching the ground and (see observer comms below) rain without thunder although their seemed to be threats of thunder.

The reason for these almost (but non) events is the vital R5, R4 (or maybe R3) solar factors which make the difference between potential and actual widespread thunderfloods / cyclogenesis / tornado formation / serious hailstorms etc were not present.

“Standard Meteorology has no understanding or inclusion of solar factors** and so however many millions of public money is squandered on computers, ‘experts’ and PR campaigns it is doomed to permanent certain failure when it matters most.

** In technique terms the cornerstone of Standard meteorology and climate models – the Navier-Stokes equations – are inadequate to deal with the real world and solar-electrical effects which are ‘crazy’ ideas as far as the Navier-Stokes equations go.

This is similar to the fact that Maxwells Equations of Electromagnetism are incapable of explaing the atom – concepts such as quantum mechanics are needed. When Neils Bohr introduced his idea of the quantum atom he was told it was a crazy negation of Maxwell’s equations. His retort was “It may be crazy but is it crazy enough?”

“What governement is doing now with meteorology and the Met Office is like spending huge sums on the improvement and perfection of candlestick-making while new generation light bulbs already exist. No amount of spending on improvement of candle-sticks will make one single light bulb”

[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/weather/10974416/Floods-follow-hottest-day-of-the-year.html

The Environment Agency has issued a warning that thunderstorms producing torrential rain will arrive on Saturday, bringing a risk of localised flooding as drainage systems struggle to cope as well as flash flooding from rivers.  Craig Woolhouse, the Environment Agency’s director of flood incident management, said: “Intense heavy rainfall this weekend brings a surface water flood risk for England on Saturday. Flooding can happen very quickly and the public are urged to check local weather forecasts and the Environment Agency web pages for information on a regular basis.”


http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews14No11.pdf – UN IPCC Renamed

RECENT VIDS by Piers Corbyn – short links

1. Electric Univ Pres http://bit.ly/1nJecee 16,819 hits Jul20

2. CO2 Scam Nailed http://bit.ly/QS0k34 11,778 hits Jul10

Click to access WANews14No29.pdf

– Jul 8th Piers Letter to ICCC 2014 (International Climate Change Conference) Las Vegas “All Power to your efforts to vanquish the Co2-warmist foes of real science”

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