OMG Run for your lives 35mph winds & the 7 mm per hour ‘downpour’


Uber alarmists at the Guardian, think winds of 35mph are ‘strong’ and that rain of less than 7 mm per hour is a downpour!

The remnants of hurricane Bertha have hit Britain, bringing strong winds and downpours moving in from the south-west.

Winds of 35mph were recorded in Cornwall, while Kent had up to a quarter of an inch of rain in an hour, the Met Office said.

The Red Cross has mobilised hundreds of volunteers who are on standby amid fears people will need to be evacuated from their homes.

While the first rainfall from the former hurricane was seen at around 11pm on Saturday, the Met Office said the main brunt of it hit the UK around 3am on Sunday.

As it was a system unrelated to Bertha produced higher winds and rainfall in a similar time frame.

The heaviest rainfall overnight was recorded at Balatasound in Shetland where 48.8mm of rain was recorded as a previous low pressure system moved away from the UK, while Bute Park in Cardiff saw 40.6mm as the remnants of ex-hurricane Bertha move in from the southwest.

The highest hourly total was 18.4mm at Wisley in Surrey between 9 and 10am this morning and Coventry in the West Midlands seeing 18.2mm in the same time.

So, for the South at least, Bertha was nothing special with similar conditions experienced throughout the country over the past few weeks and since Friday.

The stormy weather, expected to quickly sweep across the rest of Britain, follows downpours on Friday that caused flooding across eastern England and saw more than 1,400 homes hit by power cuts.

The town of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands had its wettest day on record on Saturday, while residents of Fair Isle in northern Scotland faced almost six inches of rainfall in a 24-hour period.


At the time of writing an Amber warning for rain exceeding 100 mm in 24-hours is in force for Monday as Bertha engages the various low pressure features further north.


Forget Friday

The Met Office forecast for Friday evening’s downpour was simply useless and had no warnings. This is what I said early on Saturday morning (with images):

BBC forecast (provided by the MetO) had NO rain (not even a cloud with a solitary drop) at all!**

I checked the forecast for here, City of London & 10 [miles] West just to be safe – no rain.

…even at 4 pm in the afternoon the nearest rain was for 1-2 am on Sunday. I could see the mass of rain approaching approximated arrival in about 2-3 hours.

Finished work & forecast says ‘light’ showers from 7-9 then overcast (all screengrabbed).

Radar showed this made as much sense as relying on a prayer wheel for your morning cuppa.

Looked up could see ‘ruffles’ in cloud indicating a band of approaching rain.

Few spots of rain by 6.30 then at 7 the heavens bloody opened. People scurrying for shelter all over town.

Now 1 am & STILL raining. Miserable stuff. Most people like drowned rats.

Thanks MetO you useless ****s. ‘Super’ computer my ****!!!

** I did not see the TV forecasts that day but others who did said that rain was not expected.

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