New Attempt To Claim More Extreme Weather Not Supported By Data

A longer time frame, a few hundred years, would be needed before drawing any conclusions.


By Paul Homewood


The Telegraph carry a report on the latest piece of work from Phil Jones and co. I have not tracked down the original paper yet, but this is what the Telegraph have to say:

Britons should brace themselves for more extreme winters asweather conditions become more volatile, scientists have warned.

A study of seasonal records dating back to 1899 found that while most seasons have not changed dramatically, winter has become much more unpredictable.

The results suggest the idea of a typical British winter is increasingly becoming a myth, with wide swings from mild but stormy conditions like those which hit the UK this year to extremely cold temperatures and snow in another year becoming more common.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA), University of Sheffield and the Met Office found that seven out of the 10 most extreme winter conditions over the…

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