The Met Office – The Lies of Ommission

This comment is awaiting moderation. They may not release because it’s a reblog comment (understandable ~ish) …or because it’s associated with WeatherAction and Piers Corbyn is one of their fiercest critics, according to the Independent anyway.

This is what I thought was a reasonable comment


Even the BBC mentioned the Antarctic on the 22nd September [emphasis added];

Computer models are doing a better job at forecasting the losses [in the Arctic] but they still underestimate the changes that are occurring.

In the Antarctic, the research problem is a very different one.

This austral winter will be the third year in a row that sea-ice extent has reached a satellite-era maximum, and it is the first time that this record has jumped above 20 million sq km.

Traditionally, the greatest cover is not reached until early October, so there should be time for the south to accumulate even more marine cover.

But scientists are careful not to make equal and opposite comparisons for what is happening at the two poles.

The regions’ geographies are quite different. The Arctic is in large part an ocean enclosed by land, whereas the Antarctic is a land mass totally surrounded by ocean.

What is more, the southern pole feels the influence of three great oceans – the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian.

Many of the ice behaviours and responses are peculiar as a consequence.

So is an Antarctic, that defies predictions/projections, a bit like Voldemort – “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”?

A search of the words ‘Arctic’ and ‘Antarctic’ brought up the following results:









I can understand my comment not being allowed but a ‘historic’ record is unmentioned? I’d forgive them if they said they didn’t know why we have a satellite era record, but the silence utterly reeks of a lie of omission. Omitting such an important part of the climate puzzle, namely inconvenient observations,  is “#AntiScience”. Former Met Office head Hubert Lamb wrote of an Antarctic anti-phase with the Arctic as that’s what the evidence [still] suggests. 

So where is the problem?

Over to you Met Office.

2 thoughts on “The Met Office – The Lies of Ommission

    • Copying a tongue in cheek comment I did over at the Talkshop who are also looking at the issue…

      If ever there was an Emperor’s New Clothes moment this is it. The absurdity would need to be measured in SkS nuclear bombs – or even better neutron stars!

      So focusing on this one aspect of climate, effectively making the Antarctic a skeptic trigger word (as the Arctic is for alarmists like the Rockerfeller funded blowhard Bill McKibben)…

      The record was utterly smashed.

      Record temperatures are being recorded.

      Poor defenceless climate scientists are getting trapped in ice

      If this trend continues the Antarctic could be a sea free area!

      The Antarctic is screaming!

      This is a death spiral for life!

      Why is there no UN resolution to bomb the sea back into existence?

      What is Al Gore going to do about the sleepy sun?

      Was Mikey Mann right but just forgot to turn the hockeystick upside down?

      When will the Met Office say a single word on this?

      Julia Slingo says that climate models are one of the ‘scientific wonders’ of our age. Where is the public’s Slingo quote? We demand a Slingo quote for this climate disaster?

      Please … I’m crying out for a reason to blame someone in the West for this outrage, to froth at the mouth and then blub some more (but uncontrollably this time) for our eart…only my tears seem to have frozen.

      Seriously when are the Met Office going to say……anything?

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