Record Low Cold Snap on Way?

There’s a lot going on in the latest Express article Britain faces ARCTIC FREEZE in just weeks so I dug out what WeatherAction’s Piers Corbyn has been quoted as saying.

Piers Corbyn and his team at WeatherAction say extreme solar and lunar activity is causing huge rifts in the flow of the jet stream with record low December temperatures possible.

He said the same weather pattern which triggered the killer United States freeze is about to open the flood gates to a blast of Arctic and Siberian air.

He said: “The beginning of December could bring close to record low temperatures with the first half of the month signalling the dramatic change in weather.

“The jet stream is fluctuating north-south instead of east-west and this is what will cause the extreme changes in the weather.


“It is leading to a warming* of the stratosphere which though sounds contradictory, will trigger the very severe start to winter that we expect.

“It is this which caused the extreme snow in America, and though we will not get the exact same snowflakes, there is a link to what we are expecting in the UK.

“This is a very serious warning as the Met Office outlook is very different, we think they are wrong.”


This is what the UK Met Office were also quoted as saying;

“[Helen Chivers] said: “No single one of these drivers will determine the UK’s winter on its own – instead they all interact together to govern the weather trends we can expect over the coming months.

“Disentangling these different influences remains a challenging area of science which the Met Office is improving all the time, but detailed and highly certain UK outlooks are not possible over these timescales.

“The Met Office’s long-range outlooks give probabilities based on scenarios of being considerably wetter or drier, colder or milder than usual.

“Currently the outlook for December 2014 to February 2015 suggests that milder and wetter than average winter conditions are slightly more likely than other outcomes.

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* Before anyone jumps up and down this is not a *sudden* stratospheric warming (ssw) but stratospheric warming which is already happening. This compares what is happening some 22 miles up (5hPa) current with 2009 (righthand side).


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