Screw the Hottest Year Ever have you seen that Massive Coronal Hole?

The ‘hottest year eva’ has been rammed down the publics throat today and has been virtually impossible to escape. So desperate is the situation that the ‘impartial (ho ho) BBC‘ has been compiling a list of ‘extreme’ events this year. I did the same once for ’76 & ’77…that’s 1876 and 1877. Then, three storms in succession killed 200,000 people in India. It was also remarkably wet in the United Kingdom


But back in 1876 forecasters were not desperately rent seeking to coincide with UN Conferences or hawking for supercomputers and jumping on every weather event as ‘could/possibly/might’ mean taxpayers coughing up more to keep them in a lifestyle they are quite accustomed to. The UK Met Office you have to give them. Full marks for their offensive PR (i.e. propaganda) capabilities, political mastery and choice of attire.

Presumably this state of affairs is preferable?


As Paul Homewood argues

Fortunately, because of the benefits brought by the industrial revolution [and fossil fuels], the toll from these sort of weather disasters is much reduced. Better planning and infrastructure have literally saved millions of lives, and modern farming methods and transport mean that food aid can be easily diverted to where they are needed in the event of flood and drought.

Anyway as large Coronal Holes have been the source of media fear mongering before…

And because I am frankly sick of the massive disconnect presented by the green blob I thought I’d join in orchestrating hysteria when it comes to what is actually controling our climate…


“Solar wind flowing from the indicated coronal hole could reach Earth on Dec. 7-9.” SpaceWeather

Oh look a squirrel…


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