Sunrise's Swansong

On his blog at Weatherbell Joe Bastardi noted that a major North Atlantic Storm looks likely to crash into Scotland, and in its wake alter the pattern over Europe could become colder. Here’s the GFS map of the storm on Thursday morning: (Dr. Ryan Maue map from Weatherbell.)

Europe 1 gfs_mslp_uv10m_eur_13

The UK Met map shows the same situation, Thursday morning:

UK Met 0113 21579599

Last year such a storm always seemed to bring a surge of warm air up from the Azores all the way to Finland, but this year not only is the warm sector cooler, often with it’s sourse region Greenland (moderated by cross-Atlantic travel), but it doesn’t penetrate so far north before the storm’s cold front, (with air from Iceland)  catches up and occludes it off the ground.  In this case the north side of the storm’s east winds will be tapping into very cold air parked over Scandinavia and eastern Siberia.

Europe 2 gfs_t2m_eur_1


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  1. Turkey: Meteorologist has warned! In 11 provinces strong snowfall is expected. 50 DAYS LONG! Now comes the coldest winter in 20 years. 16.01.2015.
    From January 23 begins the most harsh winter of the last 20 years. 2 meters of snow is expected, in certain areas even 3. Ahmet Köse, president of Meteorological Engineers, said that after January 23, Turkey will be getting new cold air and snow is coming. He explained that this will be the most difficult period in a person’s life for the last 20 years. In the light of the data obtained since November, “the real winter will begin after January 20,” he said in the prediction. According to the predictions of Köse, for Istanbul and Turkey the main winter has only just begun and he estimated that the cold spell will last until the end of March.

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