Higher Snowfalls Due to Change In Measurement, Not Global Warming.

Yes Paul, there is even a new term for this (keep up) Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) and it is clearly evident…in snow…which we can measure with millimetre precision. The latest computer models projections have proved that whilst there is more snow now -predicted well in hindcast – it is rotten snow. It is quite possible that by 2020 the snow will be screaming as it passes through a boiling atmosphere.


By Paul Homewood

We all know that snowstorms are worse than ever before, and that it is all the fault of global warming.

After all, Bill Nye himself told us!

Unfortunately, Matt Kelsch, a hydrometeorologist at UCAR, throws a spanner in the works. Matt specializes in weather and climate events involving water, such as floods, droughts, rain, hail, or snow, and has also spent the last 25 years taking snow measurements in Boulder, Colorado, as a volunteer for the NWS.

Matt wrote this article for UCAR News yesterday:



As a hydrometeorological instructor in UCAR’s COMET program and a weather observer for the National Weather Service, I am keenly interested in weather trends. In this case, climate change is an important factor to explore, since we know that the heaviest precipitation events have intensified in many parts of the world

But when we turn to snowstorms in the Northeast, or…

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