The Official Iceland Temperature Series


By Paul Homewood

With special thanks to Trausti Jonsson, Senior Meteorologist with the Iceland Met Office.


Now that GHCN and GISS have managed to emasculate the Icelandic temperature record, it is time to present the official version.

The Iceland Met Office, (IMO), have kept meticulous temperature records since the 19thC, including station metadata as well as just the temperature data. In fact the Icelanders took their climate very seriously in those early days, unsurprisingly since they are so vulnerable to climate shifts. There is an interesting overview of the work of people such as Thoroddsen and Nansen in the early 20thC here.

In particular, they have full records since 1931 for seven stations.

It needs to be emphasised that these are not raw temperatures, but have been carefully homogenised and adjusted where necessary, to account for station moves and equipment changes.

Trausti, who has done much of the work…

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