Hampstead’s Storm Of The Century


By Paul Homewood



This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most remarkable weather events in the UK during the 20thC.

The Hampstead Storm of 14th August 1975 dropped an massive 170.8mm of rain in considerably less than three hours. The Met Office give a figure of 169mm for 155-minutes, potentially a record for the UK. (At Walshaw Dean in West Yorkshire, it is claimed that 193mm fell in 120 minutes in 1989, but the Met Office have reservations about this.)

Philip Eden describes the event:

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One thought on “Hampstead’s Storm Of The Century

  1. Seventy years ago the Yalta Conference took place in the Crimea, held February 4–11 1945.
    Here we see F.D. Roosevelt, the American president, on his way from the airport to Yalta.
    The man pretending to be Napoleon on the left of the picture was Molotov, who previously had made a peace treaty with Hitler-Germany, the Molotov Ribbentrop pact.
    There was no snow then in February 1945, but seventy years of “unprecedented global warming” later, the Crimea is covered with snow in March and battered by blizzards.



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