A Forecasting Trick…Look at Japan!

A Word of Weather

The dry weather will continue through the weekend, with variable amounts of cloudiness throughout. Temperatures will climb into the low 70s on Friday with increasing clouds ahead of a dry cold front which will drop the highs back into the 60s on Saturday and Sunday. Another moderate storm system could dig down far enough on Monday to give us about a one in three chance of getting some rain showers in the valley with high mountain snow likely at the same time.

jet stream

Yesterday, I mentioned that I look most intently at the weather in the central and eastern Pacific when trying to get a take on what’s coming our way. There are some exceptions to this: The far western Pacific can be of great interest. Often when we get a deepening low pressure over Japan it foretells a storm dropping over us about four days later. It doesn’t always work…

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One thought on “A Forecasting Trick…Look at Japan!

  1. My research mentor, Paul Kazuo Kuroda, was from Japan. He understood patterns of air movement – from West => East – and how that might have been used to carry bombs from Japan to the West coast of United States during WWII.

    See page 40 of the autobiography by Paul K. Kuroda: Figure 6. The atmospheric trajectories of 13 balloon bombs that exploded in the United States and Alaska during the period between January 7 and February 4, 1945.

    Click to access PKKAutobiography.pdf

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