Corn Roots Water and Risks

So logical and staring you in the face, but something I wouldn’t have connected…until now.

Musings from the Chiefio

So, as is my want, I was watching “variety news” a couple of days back. In this case, the RFDTV Rural Farm TV (RFD is the abbreviation for Rural Free Delivery that was the program where the US Postal Service would actually deliver mail to farms instead of holding it at the Post Office for pick-up…)

I like it sometimes as it reminds me of my Farm Town roots, and, frankly, it is refreshingly grounded in reality. Farmers are like that. Crops don’t care what you think. They grow, or not, based on reality of events. As an amusing example, on general TV you will substantially NEVER see a pregnant woman doing the news, weather reports, or in major series (unless the plot involves it and the ‘baby’ is a pillow for a few scenes… though in a couple of series they did work a real pregnancy into the plot…

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