Flooding Drought Comes To California

Musings from the Chiefio

Regulars here will know that I’ve complained about the Palmer Drought Index before. Why? For the simple reason that it does not compare rain now with historical averages to determine drought, but compares it to temperature adjusted values, and we know the temperature data is fudged and adjusted way too much to compare ‘now’ to the ‘the historical baseline’. It’s just a broken index since the temperature data on which it depends has been buggered. Yeah, still better than nothing, but not by much, and with a load of caveats needed if you use it.


The Palmer drought index, sometimes called the Palmer drought severity index and often abbreviated PDSI, is a measurement of dryness based on recent precipitation and temperature. It was developed by meteorologist Wayne Palmer, who first published his method in the 1965 paper Meteorological Drought for the Office of Climatology of the U.S. Weather…

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