Sunrise's Swansong

There are shenanigans going on at NOAA, concerning adjustments made to the temperature record, which make recent years look warmer than they actually are, when compared to past years. Some suggest ¬†this has been done for purely political reasons, because of growing disbelief in ‚ÄúGlobal Warming‚ÄĚ, ¬†and because of a political need to be able to claim things such as ‚ÄúLast May was the warmest ever.‚ÄĚ ¬†Rather than properly scrutinizing such claims, the mainstream media seems to merely take what it is told and to run with it. ¬†Rather than report they regurgitate.

The scrutinizing is left to others, who find it quite easy to cast considerable doubt on NOAA’s new, adjusted way of measuring temperatures. I myself wrote a post the day after they came out with the scheme, pointing out it made little sense to take temperature readings from the sun-baked, mosquito-infested arctic tundra, where temperatures can easily…

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