Lomborg And The Marxist Eco Warriors

A typical SJW knee jerk reaction, high on emotion – because it’s all about their ‘feelings’ (‘repulsed’) – low on IQ.

a spokesman for Dr Lomborg said yesterday: “The suggestion that either Dr Lomborg or the Copenhagen Consensus Centre denies the reality of man-made climate change is blatantly untrue. We welcome debate, but it is not on for people to simply make things up.” Dr Lomborg ­argues there are more immediate priorities to be addressed, including fighting malaria and HIV and securing safe water.


Ironically on Twitter she defends free speech then goes around heckling anyone she deems ‘right-wing’.

As Andrew Bolt said

This attack on doubt and debate is shameful – a real throwback to the kind of persecution we’ve seen by communists, Nazis, Islamists and Inquisitors of other independent thinkers who dared to deviate from the official creed:



By Paul Homewood



Dellers catches up with the latest attempts to exclude Bjorn Lomborg from Australian universities:

Earlier this year, I reported how a handful of green activists at the University of Western Australia had nixed a $4 million policy centre just because it was vaguely associated with “Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjørn Lomborg.

Now they’re at it again, this time at Flinders University in South Australia, where the student association’s general secretary Grace Hill has vowed to lead students in killing the project.

The University of Western Australia was to host the think tank, to be aligned with Lomborg­’s Copenhagen Consensus Centre and work in areas ranging from food security to social justice, but reversed its decision amid howls of protest from students and staff.

Flinders University Student Association general secretary Grace Hill said students would launch a campaign immediately against having “a climate change denial centre on campus”.


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