Coldest-ever finish to July in the Netherlands – NL Times

Temperatures at 700hpa

The Netherlands had the coldest start to July 31st in history this morning. The minimum temperature at De Bilt measured 5.1 degrees at 5:50 this morning, beating 1961’s record of 5.9 degrees, according to Weeronline. Inland it was even colder. Deelen on the Veluwe was the coldest at 4.0 degrees. 

According to the weather site, the cold and clear night is a prelude to a beautiful July weekend. The rest of Friday will have many sunny periods and afternoon temperatures of between 17 and 20 degrees. The northeast will remain cloudy with a chance of light rain showers.

Saturday will be sunny with temperatures of between 21 degrees in the northwest to 25 in the southeast. The wind will be weak to moderate. Proper summer weather is expected for Sunday, with maximum temperatures of between 25 and 27 degrees inland and between 22 and 24 degrees along the coast.

Monday is building up to be the fifth tropical day of this summer. Maximum temperatures are expected to reach 30 to 33 degrees inland and 26 to 30 degrees along the coast…



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