Record July Low for Southern England

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Last year my Nasturtiums turned black following an unusual late August frost. As the blue moon crossed a clear sky on Thursday night again came the cold into the 30s Fahrenheit, something quite unexpected this far south. I have to pinch myself that it’s August in the morning. But I am not surprised.


The headline for the WeatherAction July forecast was Wild changes and contrasts…End month wet and unusually cold. Yep.

This should also be taken in the context of the heated hype at the beginning of the month and of course the cold start to June.

Mark Vogan writes

This has been a disappointing summer for many, particularly for western and northern parts of the British Isles and Ireland. However, from a meteorological standpoint, it’s been fascinating, quite extreme and probably has been one of the weirdest and most extreme that I can remember.

We started with the UK’s hottest July reading of 36.7C at Heathrow, remember? Since then we’ve witnessed record cold nights and days and for folks in more southern parts of England and Wales, this morning may well have been the coldest temperature ever recorded in July [this was confirmed by the BBC this evening – see image above]. So we started hottest and possibly end coldest for some…

The CET figures took quite a hit.


Paul Homewood has picked up on the story

and I’ve asked the Met Office, via their blog (currently awaiting moderation – as it’s the weekend it may not appear until Monday), further about the record

Hi there, There was a graphic up on the BBC weather report yesterday evening showing a record low for July of 1°C for southern England. What station was that recorded at and what/where was the previous record? Thanks Craig

It seems the site was South Newington in Oxfordshire with a population at the last census of ~266 so UHI prone 😉

5th August

Paul Hudson has some thoughts

The month started with so much promise, with Heathrow recording 36.7C on the 1st, establishing a new July UK record.

It was one of many new July records across the country, with no fewer than four established in our region, most notably Sheffield, with data back to 1882.

But after the record heat of the 1st, records were set for the cold on the morning of the 31st July, including Exeter airport in Devon and Benson in Oxfordshire.

Closer to home, the mercury fell to 3.5C at Topcliffe, which is a new record, although the data set at this North Yorkshire observing site is short.


3 thoughts on “Record July Low for Southern England

  1. When ever I discuss the cooling with people it is like talking to brick wall. Their responses predictable and not because they are following the truth therefore predictable but because almost everyone who has not idea seem to repeat the same psychobabble. How do I know they have no idea, because they generally admit to no more knowledge than news and since when is news sufficient information, we don’t used news papers to learn and gain a science degree do we… no, besides when I studies politics at university I was taught how newspapers are all bias and how the different owners of papers will have their own biases throughout their news empires. So why would anyone take this bias unscientific spin as fact?

    Anyway, there is one more significant logical reason that I know they have no idea and that is because they still believe that the warming trend is uninterrupted while the IPCC admit a 15 to 18 year hiatus. How does this prove these people have no idea, well because they’re not up to date with their own theory and are contradicting it which tells me their knowledge of the climate change is limited and sadly bias.

    This raises an important question for me, that important question is how come the IPCC admit the hiatus yet so so many people still don’t know this yet they know polar bears are struggling at an ever increasing rate because of warming. I already know the reason as behavioral economics, psychology, marketing etc is my interests and the study of marketing shows that media can be tweaked to hit our consciousness while other media can be intentionally untweaked so we miss it entirely. This can easily be described via he fact that if media was simply media we could all create multi million pound empires now with the internet as our source of advertising but as the world is saturated with million or billions of people and companies trying to do the same thing, you are like white noise and there you see that being able to reach your audience requires a skill to do it correctly. So if they know how to do it correctly why would they intentionally do it poorly on times, why not just avoid printing the story instead. I reason they print it because they can later and refer to it as evidence they told us the truth or they knew X or Y a long time ago and here is some news to prove it. However, as which ever media source you watch has their bias they strategically show the truth but in a way they know is very ineffective at getting your attention due to the white noise that is all the other media sources fighting for your attention.

    What has this got to do with this article… well, we all know about the dubious record high recorded by a station on the busiest or one of the busiest airports in the world (unbelievable lacking scientific credibility) yet this cold record which is accepted by our weather gods but some how has very little press coverage or is just not getting heard as so few people know about it or talk about it.

    When you consider this you can see the dirty tactics which is evidence to be dubious of any other of their claims, if it was a true and genuine theory of an inevitable disaster they wouldn’t need to employ these dirty tricks they could just provide TRUTH and it would be undeniable. When I see things like that is proves all involved lack credibility on multiple layers, as a person, their organisation and so on. This explains why I so frequently get incredulous looks when I say I don’t believe in warming by people who had no idea there has been so many years of hiatus, and I have to explain this is openly admitted by the IPCC of which they seem just as incredulous and dumfounded that they had not heard this, they often continue to go on denying that and unwilling to even check it out, tells you how credible their belief systems are also.

    An example is that recently a friend stated to me that it has been the best summer in a long time. I had to laugh at him, I felt bad to do so and apologised but I said that is so far off the truth it is funny. I appreciate he may have memories of the wettest summer in a 100 years and those bad winters year after year but I said the last 2 summers have been respectable, in fact I said as I watch weather and spend 6 days a week running, cycling and this isn’t including walking dog and camping, which means I spend a lot of time outside, big training weeks have seen me doing 18 hour weeks running.

    I remember the summer of 2013 specifically as I had my first 100 mile cycle race and I was so worried it was going to be wet and windy and the week or so before it got hot, like a week of 25 to 28, race day so 30 degrees and it persisted for another week of 25+ and then it stayed pleasant for some time after that.

    I had to point this out while saying this year has seen May and June below average temps according to Met Office figures and July is on track for the same, now I read today we had the coldest July day on record and typically its not news. How can his view of this summer be so warped, it shows that reality is not in his mind, but what the media has been pumping out there has stuck in his mind and he perceives as being true.

    Brain washing!

    Sorry for the long ramblings, being Aspergic (Autistic) I have a cliche tendency to have long rambling one sided conversations.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I’ve heard of others saying this summer has been better which is bizarre. In both 2013+14 the July’s had notable dry, warm to very warm periods. August 14 was poor (exciting from a weather POV) with ex-hurricaine Bertha and a frost late in the month. This year we had two days of proper warmth one of which was actually in June and now a near frost but much earlier – and all but ignored. The only saving grace is it’s been mostly dry until the last week or so of July (t-storms have been hit and miss) so maybe it’s the dryness that gives the impression of a good summer? For me personally it’s been a great summer due to only the odd sticky humid night and temperatures mostly in the 70’s°F going into the 50’s at night so it’s comfortable. It means I can work in the garden and not loose a stone or more of sweat as happened last July! I seem in a minority though.

      It has been sunny but not a patch on the long stretches of recent years, certainly nothing like the 90’s and 00’s. Very much it’s been like the weekend cloudy with patches of sun, then a poke of heat and sun then back to cloudy and windy. Rinse and repeat. The wind has kept it fresh but the lack of rain did the garden no favours.

      It reminds me of summer 2010 which had a similar jetstream pattern bringing rain to the North and West but it was quite fine here in parts. I went plum picking last week for the first time since 2010 as every year in between has just not been worth it. Maybe that was due to the Mar/April weather this year but also as it’s dry (2013 despite the summer heat, spring was very cold so no plums pollinated).

      What I’m hoping for is a continuation as it is now (just more rain for the garden please) and a good Indian summer come September. Then it will have been a great summer.

      As for cooling, I think we’ll know in the next five years once the Nino/Nina cycle has passed. Interestingly 2010 was a Nino year – the plums seems to know 😉

  2. It’s not just you me and my wife prefer it this way, she is kind of allergic to the sun so she dislikes it, having Lupus(SLE) it makes her immune system go haywire and attack her own organs and inevitably learned to love cold, rain, wind and snow.

    I’ve always been a snow mad bunny absolutely love it but as a ultrarunner I have learned to accept what ever the weather, always rationalising that it would only be negative to hate any particular season as seasons are inevitable almost every year why set my self up for disappointment. Despite the rartionalising though I can’t avoid my mad love for snow that has been with me as far back as I can remember. So I definitely have a favourite, developed Asthma about 2 years ago that is set off by humidity so I’d rather warm without the intervals of rain so there isn’t the humidity but being Britain there isn’t much chance of avoiding humidity in summer.

    If not clean sunny air then if its gona rain i’d rather it be a wash out summer to avoid as much humidity again. we did have a few bad weeks of warm and rain which made it unbearable but for some time now the air as been bearable… not sure if that is just the fact its been averaging about 5 degrees below average for many weeks here or if the start of summer is hardest because my lungs need time to acclimatise but effectively a long way round to saying I quite like the weather the way it has been too.

    Hinting at a 2010 there? I have been wondering myself, although every year since there is always someone predicting another 2010 and I am always dubious but there does seem to be some similarities, specifically the Nino as you mentioned and the sun on he verge of falling off a cliff or it’s oscillation on the verge of a major nose dive I do think maybe this year is a year to be less dubious and judging by the new addition July to the list of the last 3 months below average I can’t help but to think if this trend stick could it be my year for snow.

    I mean most of the most last 2 months in my region I have been watching daily temps 4 to 6 and sometimes more degrees below average. Come winter and 5 degrees below average would be -5, if it was to last as long as this cold snap has then what a winter it could be.

    Would be nice if it came as early as 2010 too, I got a race in the Brecon Beacons in November and would love to be doing it through some snowfall

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