Iceland – Coldest July in a decade


COLD JULY A map showing how much average temperatures (°C) in July 2015 deviated from the 2005-2014 average. Photo/Web page of Trausti Jónsson

Past July was the coldest July in ten years in Iceland, and the coldest on record at several weather stations. Measurements at every single weather station were below average.

Coldest July on record

According to celebrated weatherman and weather-blogger, Trausti Jónsson, the lowest temperatures in July were recorded at the Gagnheiði weather station in Eastern Iceland, which showed an average temperature of 1.59°C (34.86°F), which is the lowest average temperature ever recorded at any Icelandic weather station in July.

Reykjavík and the Capital Region were spared the worst colds

July was particularly cold in many parts of the Central Highlands, where temperatures were as much as 4°C below average for the years 2005-2014. While temperatures were below average in all parts of Iceland the Capital Region and parts of South Western Iceland and the Southern parts of the Westfjords have experienced less of the unusual cold than the rest of the country. Temperatures in the Capital Region were only 0.7°C below the 2005-2014 average.

See also – the original post by
Trausti Jónsson [via Google Translate]

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