Water rationing as severe drought deepens after arid July in Puerto Rico

Earth Changing Extremities

 05.08.15 Drought In Puerto Rico
San Juan received only 1.6in (4cm) of rain in July, the fourth-driest month on record. Photograph: Alvin Baez/Reuters
Other Caribbean islands also are struggling with a drought, including Jamaica, St Lucia and the Dominican Republic
A deepening drought in Puerto Rico that has affected 2.5 million people forced the government to extend severe water rationing measures to more communities that are already struggling with an economic crisis.
Another 180,000 customers will now receive water only every third day, raising the total facing 48-hour cuts in service to 400,000, as the US territory’s main reservoirs continue to shrink, according to the island’s water and sewer company.
“We have to keep the water that’s available under control,” said Alberto Lázaro, the company’s executive director, on Wednesday.
Nearly 13% of Puerto Rico is under an extreme drought and another 39% under a severe one, according to the National Drought…

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