Six climate headlines from 2009 that tell us something important about the run-up to the 2015 Paris climate conference

Watts Up With That?

Same old scare stories, different decade.

By Larry Kummer, Editor of the Fabius Maximus website, from which this is reposted.

Summary: This is the first in a new regular feature on the FM website showing the best of the propaganda headlines that fill our news. Today we have six headlines telling an important story about us and climate change. Post your thoughts about these in the comments. Get your favorite headlines posted (past or present, mocking Left or Right) by emailing them to PropagandaHeadline at G mail dot com (anti-spam spelling). Enjoy!

When we again see the world clearly, we can start the reform of America.

Six years ago began a new chapter in one of the most incompetently run campaigns ever, the preparation for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 2009. The following snippets show one theme from that massive bombardment of stories intended to arouse people’s…

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2 thoughts on “Six climate headlines from 2009 that tell us something important about the run-up to the 2015 Paris climate conference

  1. Thanks, craigm350. The real news is : TRUTH IS OUT !

    If GOD is the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms and lives then the REALITY revealed by experimentation and observation bears a truly remarkable resemblance to the GOD revealed by prayer, contemplation and meditation,

    and TRUTH is revealed even if public funds are futilely squandered to hide TRUTH.

  2. “Con Nuestro Peru” of August, 10, 2015 has the following article:
    A catastrophe has led to the cold in the herd camels, sheep and cattle in the country. The National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) reported on 5 August that cold dead animals reach 912 300. At the time of writing can be as one million. Most are fine alpacas. There are also 508 000 sick animals.
    This is a disaster unparalleled in our history. Of course, Ollanta Humala and his court seem to have been unaware. The presidential message of July 28 said iota about the tragedy.
    Frightening is the situation created by the snowfall that hit especially the poor peasants. The regime cares only for transnational mining poor things.
    The problem also affects the national pantry means less meat and less milk for the population. But Palace and the palaces are well supplied.
    The eight injured Andean regions makes us see, backlit, what happens in other agricultural regions of the world: Argentina and Chilean Patagonia, Alaska, northern Europe, the Russian Siberia, where frost and snow lasts on average six months, but They do not cause any deaths.
    A few years ago, when the television showed children of Puno, just shod with sandals, walking on snow and many of them died of cold, a European friend said: “In Sweden there is a more intense cold in Puno, but no child dies of cold. ”
    The secret is food, warm clothing, adequate housing. In other words: the forecast.
    But our governments believe enough welfarism. They lack vision and foresight. Do you have ever wondered what it would cost to protective footwear for children height of the cold?
    It happens that governments, scientists, technologists, consultants and producers of cold countries have developed strategies that our bureaucrats should study. Before the cold spell in 2013, the magazine Agronoticias recommended:
    -Selection and adaptation to extreme cold resistant breeds.
    -Improving Massive natural pastures for greater nutritional value, as well as combating parasites that thrive in the cold.
    -Reforzamiento Herds with vaccines, vitamin and minerals.
    Defence of fodder and water, when snow covers the sources, places the same field.
    Special -Refugios for most valuable player.
    Attendance permanent technique to farmers.
    Lord government: height farmers are not the big mining, but also deserve attention.
    Reader’s comment: Sorry for the not always correct translation from
    Ollante Moises Humala Tasso is since 2011 the president of Peru.
    One lion killed in Zimbabwe has got a lot of attention in the Main Stream Media. One million cattle dying from the cold,
    “a disaster unparalleled in the history of Peru”, gets no attention at all. Even the President of Peru chooses to ignore this disaster. Because this news might disturb the new Global Warming religion.

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