Boris Johnson on the #Corbyn brothers


I missed this Boris column from late July flagged up by Piers Corbyn on the homepage. I rather like Boris’s writing style so this is not an endorsement of his views or the Labour leadership battle but it brought a smile. He does have a way with words.

Boris on Piers

THE right-on twitterati went mental when some Russian physicists said there might be a mini ice age on the way.

The scientists said there were fewer sunspots and concluded that in the next five to 15 years it might get colder – and we would be back to the famous “Maunder Minimum” of the 17th century, when European rivers froze and snow lay on the ground all year round.

I was interested in their findings, because I know a meteorologist who has been saying the same thing for ages – no less than Piers Corbyn, older brother of Labour’s beardy messiah.

He says climate is all to do with that great flaming ball of gas that controls our lives, and very little to do with man-made global warming.

Is he right? As readers of this paper will know, you should never underestimate the power of the SUN.

Boris on Jeremy

Corbyn gets top Marx for caring

I’m entertained by Corbomania

WOO-HOO! This Jeremy Corbyn business is utterly wonderful, isn’t it?

We Tories are watching the slo-mo hara-kiri of the Labour Party and we can’t believe our eyes.

There are huge numbers of Labour supporters who genuinely want their party to be led by a 66-year-old, muesli-munching, sandal-wearing Dave Spart, a ban-the-bomb, eat-the-rich throwback to the 1970s, a pogonomaniacal version of dear old Red Ken Livingstone.

Have they all gone mad? Are we witnessing a kind of political Jonestown mass suicide?

Well, before we all bust our pants with laughter, I think we should look a bit closer at Mr Corbyn.

There is a lesson in the current Corbomania.

There is a reason he strikes such a chord with the electorate, and that reason can be summed up in one word: Authenticity.

Whatever you say about the veteran MP for Islington, he has thought about his positions. He cares. And he puts his principles into practice.

A colleague told me how he was once on a long train trip with Corbyn and it came round to lunchtime: “He produced these sandwiches in a Tupperware box. Without saying a word he took out a knife, cut them in half, and pushed across my share. He really means it.”

And if we look back at the past 32 years since he came into Parliament, can we really say he has been as eccentric as all that?

Yes, he was one of the early campaigners against apartheid. Quite right, too — these days Mandela is regarded as a kind of modern saint.

Yes, he was in favour of bringing the IRA to the negotiating table, a view treated as semi-treacherous at the time.

These days he looks prescient — Martin McGuinness meets the Queen and no one bats an eyelid. Yes, he abominated the Iraq war and rebelled countless times against the government of Tony Blair.

But these days you look at what is happening in Iraq and Syria — the almost daily bombings and massacres — and you have to respect his judgment.

Sure, he spent decades campaigning for higher minimum wages for workers — and yet that ambition is now at the heart of Tory government policy.

Of course, he won’t actually win this leadership election. His ideas would be economically ruinous and would impose huge new taxes on working people.

But the reason he is doing so well is that by comparison with the other Labour leadership candidates — a bunch of relatively anaemic, gelatinous and vacillating opportunists — Jeremy Corbyn looks passionate and principled.

And that has lessons for everyone in politics.

Piers has also been writing a bit on the main site –

“We dont normally involve much politics on WeatherAction site but in the current circumstances I urge every UK voter to back my brother #JeremyCorbyn in his #LabourLeadership bid. 

“He stands for open ACCOUNTABLE evidence-based decision-making and economic and finnacial management. That can only be good for #NewBeginings for an #Accountable #WeatherService, evidence-based #Climate Policy and indeed all matters involving the application of #Science and #Public Services and #Transport.  

Back 2 Corbyns – Vote #Jeremy if you registered and subscribe to WeatherAction forecasts to back #Piers amazing deal which ends soon……

See WeatherAction for all the latest


One thought on “Boris Johnson on the #Corbyn brothers

  1. I am a great admirer of Piers Corbyn, the meteorologist who remembered a giant fountain of energy Copernicus reported at the gravitational center of the solar system in 1543!

    Thank you, Piers, for retaining your sanity while other meteorologist joined the Pope’s call to ignore the Sun.

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