Severe heatwave of 46C (114.8F) kills 9 in Northern Sudan, Africa

Earth Changing Extremities

Heatwave Alert

Nine people reportedly died of heatstroke over the past three days in the hospital of Wadi Halfa, near the Sudanese-Egyptian border, owing to a heat wave that is sweeping the country.
Mohamed Hassan Shanan, medical director of the Wadi Halfa hospital told reporters on Wednesday, that the authorities have increased electricity supplies to the hospital in order to cover the growing number of patients because of the heatwave. “Nevertheless nine of them died.”
A staff member of the hospital told Radio Dabanga this afternoon that four new cases were brought in today, “in a very bad condition”.
The daily temperature has risen to above 46 degrees Celsius for a week, which makes August the hottest month in the area for years.
The Northern State authorities ordered the closure of all schools in the state for the period of one week. They warned the people to stay…

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