Tropics Show Signs of Life: Drought Relief?

Eye on Weather

It is August, and it appears that the Cape Verde season for tropical development has kicked into gear. A tropical wave has rolled past the Cape Verde Islands, and continues to move at about 15 mph toward the west still below 10°N latitude. Until today, most convection was rather shallow but organized. As we neared 00Z/8pm ET, convection boosted especially on the western side. The most recent passes of scatterometry/wind scans continue to show a well developed circulation, although surface analyses show there is an embedded tropical wave. NHC currently gives this system a 60% chance of development over the next 48 hours, however should convective trends continue those chances will climb quickly. This thought process is supplemented by a super majority of intensity models.

From Eumetsat. End of loop is 23:45z Precipitation Rate From Eumetsat. End of loop is 23:45z

New ASCAT scatterometer also shows that the western side at the surface is not as strong…

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