August Cold Record set in Netherlands

imageCold Air Pincer
Cold again in North Western Europe. Image:

In the past week here it has barely reached 20°C (68°F) and even then only at a fleeting peak despite some sunshine in the middle of the week. In the Netherlands it’s also been cool…

Monday [was] only 15.2 degrees in De Bilt and that was it ever recorded the coldest August 17th.

This was reported back online. The old record dates back to 1970 when the mercury was stabbing at 15.6 degrees. Last Sunday it was 16.6 degrees and that was the second coldest August 16 ever.

Last year it was cold around this period. When measured 16.7 degrees on August 17th. Normally, these days are taken temperatures around 22 degrees. Over the past decade, the afternoon temperature was seven times around or above this value.

It is not only cold but it rains while providing more than normal. In the eastern half of the country fell in recent days more water from the air than normal throughout the month of August. In Rouveen succeeded even in 24 hours.


Full story here
h/t IceAgeNow


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