Met Office in the news – BBC weather contract

It’s the weekend and a Sunday to boot…surely this could have waited until Monday? 😉 I’m not quite sure what to think at this point. Maybe a focus on the weather in the here and now rather than scary scenarios in a future far, far away generated by GIMP5CMIP5. With any business you have to focus on the bread and butter not the knobs and twirls.

Official blog of the Met Office news team

You may have seen reports in the media today that the Met Office won’t be the BBCs main weather provider when the current contract ends.

Obviously everyone at the Met Office is disappointed that we won’t be supplying weather presenters and graphics to the BBC in the future.


As a trusted British institution we work at the heart of Government, with a wide range of customers, and with emergency responders to maintain resilience and public safety. We will be working with the BBC and others to ensure the nations official weather warnings are broadcast in a consistent way; and that our advice underpins forecasts when it matters most. We are also supporting our popular team of presenters to ensure clarity on their future.

Steve Noyes, our Operations and Customer Services Director, said: “Nobody knows Britain’s weather better and, during our long relationship with the BBC, we’ve revolutionised weather communication to…

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6 thoughts on “Met Office in the news – BBC weather contract

  1. One hopes that WeatherAction would consider bidding, or have indeed bid, for the contract. Would love to be a fly on the wall in the BBC office should your bid land on their desk – and to hear their reply !

    • As much as I’d love to see it, it’s very likely. Apart from the bids already being considered (besides the MetO possibly having a hissy fit by going to court) WA provide medium to long term forecasts so are very different to the day to day weather forecasts after the news that the BBC provide. The bread and butter is the 1-5 day period (often less as they were only mentioning until Friday yesterday). For long term planning that’s no good as it’s almost like licking your finger to gather wind direction 😉 That’s of course without mentioning Piers is the ‘devil incarnate, ‘denier’ etc. The BBC would be apoplectic (until Jeremy’s leadership bid Piers could not get interviewed by the Beeb – they’d ask and then he’d get dropped).

      Hopefully one day a more open minded forecast service will look at integration of the models and solar/lunar forecasting. That would be great to see on the Beeb. They think it’s like astrology but when they go ‘more co2=scorchio’ (which has summarily failed for two decades or longer if you take H.H. Lamb’s remarks on board) and the whole 28gate debacle, I hardly think they are in a position to condone others.

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