I Wonder Where David Viner Is Holidaying This Summer?

As the Telegraph said:
This summer is set to have been wetter than all but five summers since 1988 and the wettest since 2012’s wettest summer for 100 years, Met Office records show. August saw 22 per cent more rain than usual.
Another Viner winner 🙂


By Paul Homewood

People rush to put on waterproof ponchos at Jamie Oliver's and Alex James' Big Festival

Another Bank Holiday, another washout!



Back in 2006, climate genius David Viner told us:

Climate change could “dramatically” change the face of British tourism in the next 20 years, with European tourists flocking to the UK to escape unbearably hot continental summers, experts say.

Research shows that European tourists may choose to holiday in Britain as resorts nearer to home become too hot.

Weather changes may provide revival opportunities for northern seaside towns such as Blackpool and put new strains on roads and development in southern coastal resorts, a study in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism said.

Academic David Viner, a researcher at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in Norwich, produced the report after analysing the work of experts around the globe.

“The likelihood [is] that Mediterranean summers may be too hot for tourists after 2020, as a result of too much heat…

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