WeatherAction puts down challenge to contenders

Yet again the jetstream controls our summer

WeatherAction puts down challenge to contenders for BBC Weather Service as Met Office – BBC contract ends…–his-

Public Statement from WeatherAction 28 Aug 2015:

Standard Meteorology has reached the peak of its skill and solar (particle and magnetic) factors must be applied to make significant forecast improvements.

Standard meteorology relies on computer-based models of the atmosphere under which past weather is the prime driver for future weather.
Beyond 5 days changes in in solar activity effects on weather systems – as transmitted via the solar wind from Sun to Earth – exceed the after-effects of weather systems in the past so solar-weather effects become the prime drivers of future weather.

WeatherAction INVITES approaches from any contenders for the BBC contract
to assist in the improvement of short range forecasts – particularly extreme weather events; and in creating a now genre of 5-10d (and beyond) forecasts which could be as detailed and reliable as current 1-2 day ahead standard forecasts.

Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and Director

Contact Piers Corbyn 07958713320 /


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