Is This Evidence That Climate Change Should Frighten Us?

Hansen’s replacement at the Scare Factory (GISS) Gavin Schmidt says the big picture is more important and wildly inaccurate statements by Emma Thompson (4°C by 2030, swathes uninhabitable) don’t need correcting by scientists. He is a disgrace not to science but humanity.

The Lukewarmer's Way

Steve McIntyre has apparently finished his summer holiday spree on American football. As he was not dissecting my San Francisco 49ers (looks like the opposition will do it instead…) I am quite pleased to report he has returned to his normal programming schedule.

In his latest post McIntyre welcomes the publication of “Robust global ocean cooling trend for the pre-industrial Common Era”. So should we all.

Not because of what they said about it. Here’s Michael Evans, one of the authors of the study: “This study truly highlights the profound effects we are having on our climate today.”

I don’t think he looked at the results of his research. Please identify the profound effects we are having on ocean temperatures from this picture:


McIntyre discuss the findings and implications at length over at his blog. I am more interested in the meta implications.

Coming in a week when we discover…

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