Smoking Gun Of NASA/NOAA Temperature Fraud

Hubert Lamb said “account must be taken of psychological reactions—even in the influential research community—to the variations towards greater or less warmth as and when they occur.” I don’t think he had the goalposts being moved like this in mind though.

Real Science

In 1978, every data source showed that earth had been cooling for 30 years.

ScreenHunter_2996 Sep. 10 09.53

TimesMachine: January 5, 1978 –

NOAA showed significant cooling at all latitudes, and all levels of the atmosphere.

ScreenHunter_2994 Sep. 10 09.48<0755%3AGTVSMA>2.0.CO%3B2

NOAA showed that temperatures were decreasing, as CO2 was increasing.

ScreenHunter_2997 Sep. 10 09.54

There wasn’t any doubt that Earth was cooling, but this cooling was not wanted by Al Gore and Barack Obama – so their government agencies simply made the cooling disappear.

Fig.A (1)

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One thought on “Smoking Gun Of NASA/NOAA Temperature Fraud

  1. In the 70’s they were scaring the people with global cooling AND: were selecting places where is colder than normal for few days, to prove their case AND were ignoring where SIMULTANEOUSLY was warmer than normal.(OTHERWISE THE OVERALL GLOBAL TEMPERATURE WAS EXACTLY AS TODAY!)

    Now they use same tactic – only emphasising warmer days on places and avoid places where is ”COLDER, SIMULTANEOUSLY”

    Shonky ”climate experts” didn’t start lying in the 80’s; lying was always their bread and butter. Now they are much more efficient in the propaganda, because: since the fall of the Berlin Wall, THEY HAVE BEING JOINED BY THE WESTERN COMMUNISTS! The Marxist know how to manipulate people and control the media

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