Cor Blimey, it’s Corbyn

Congratulations to Piers’ brother Jeremy on his resounding victory in the Labour leadership contest, beating his nearest rival by some 40 percentage points.

He won on the first round of voting in the leadership contest, taking 251,417 of the 422,664 votes cast or 59.1% – against 19% for Andy Burnham, 17% for Ms Cooper and 4.5% for Liz Kendall.
Conservative minister Michael Gove, speaking on the Andrew Marr programme, congratulated Mr Corbyn who he said enjoyed a “very special sort of vindication” given the scale of his victory.

Asked if Mr Corbyn could win the 2020 general election, the justice secretary said: “Yes, and we have to face up to that reality.”

It will be interesting to have a voice from outside of the establishment being heard. Hopefully this will lead to an accountable evidence based look at climate change as Piers has alluded to before. Politics is often dry with differences primarily skirting at the edges, so this looks to be a significant change allowing ideas to be debated.

Flicking through the news channels last night I saw Piers appear on the screen.

Piers has updated the WeatherAction site with this news:


Jeremy Corbyn Day – A GLORIOUS DAY

Piers Corbyn says:


“Corbyns are not doing personal interviews because they divert from the political issues which must be furthered. I can comment on the Labour leadership result itself. 

This is a massive victory for the UK and world. It marks the advent of a new kind of politics – Accountability, Democracy, Integrity. 

“Those who say they will oppose Jeremy’s democratic landslide victory and leadership must be asked two questions:-

1. Do you respect democracy?

2. Do you actually support or oppose his policies against austerity and the rich getting richer at the expense of the rest and FOR decent housing for all, a fair and just society and ACCOUNTABILITY in all policies and politics?

To those who ask: Can Jeremy stay the course to become PM? I say: YES! All Corbyns rise to the challenges they meet and stand for accountability and integrity above self-interest and spin.

For result details see twitter feed @Piers_Corbyn
RT interview with Piers 12th sept. EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-spin won him working people’s vote – his brother Piers.

RT have captured some of the responses here:


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