Met Office Discover Natural Climate Cycles!!


By Paul Homewood


The Met Office seem to have discovered that natural forces affect the world’s climate!

New research shows regional temperature and rainfall worldwide will be affected by big changes that are underway in key patterns in the global climate system.

The latest climate predictions and global observations suggest that shifts in key global climate patterns, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), an El Niño in the tropical Pacific and the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation (AMO) are underway. They are implicated in the weak Indian monsoon and relatively inactive Atlantic hurricane season this year and will affect regional temperature and rainfall worldwide in coming years. They also affect global temperature; with a warming influence from El Nino and positive PDO, and a cooling from a negative AMO.

Professor Adam Scaife said: “Although we can’t say for sure that the slowdown in global warming is over, global temperatures are now rising…

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5 thoughts on “Met Office Discover Natural Climate Cycles!!

  1. Craig, didnt know where else to ask. A long time past present and future weather action subscriber. I cant get on the website, not able to for a couple of days now. Please e mail me back. Is it just me?

    • That’s weird. I can’t get on now but I was on yesterday just before 3PM GMT as I downloaded the Eu and US forecasts again. Last comment was Gerry around the same hour. It’s happened before so it’s not a worry yet. It can either be upload error (site goes down when Piers uploads or changes), heavy traffic or a DNS attack (overloads servers) always possible. Will text PC and see.

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