Watch “USA Snow in July & August You Didn’t Hear About | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035”


One thought on “Watch “USA Snow in July & August You Didn’t Hear About | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035”

  1. The weather has now become politics. Heat waves are mentioned over and over again in the MSM with the suggestion they are linked to global warming. Cold waves are being downplayed in the media and more often they are not being mentioned at all. And when it is almost impossible NOT to mention a cold wave, often it is brought in a quite mysterious connection to “an overheating Arctic”. Cooling is the new warming.
    For example this news item: September 21, 2015: Specialists portal recalled that last week, that is, in mid-September in Krasnoyarsk observed “it is winter landscapes.”
    Snow fell in almost all regions of Siberia, and in some places even formed a temporary snow. In Evenkia its height in some places has already reached 6 – 10 cm. And in Khakassia in the weather station “Nenastnaya (Rainy)”, which is located in the Kuznetsk Alatau at an altitude of nearly 1,200 meters, laid quite impressive drifts: the middle of the week – 46 cm. This is a record value for the entire month of September . Previous extreme value was exceeded by almost a third.
    Reader’s comment: The article tries to blame the early appearance of snow in Siberia on “overheating of the Arctic”.
    “According to NASA, is now an area of ​​ice to 2 million square kilometers less than the norm, this corresponds to the warming of 2-3 degrees”. Yeah, cooling is the new warming.

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