UK Weather Trends


Guest Post by Neil Catto.

Neil has been a senior meteorologist at Weather Research Ltd for the last 17 years, and is a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.

For years we have been told, by such eminent organisations such as the UKMO that the Earth is warming due to man-made emission of CO2. We are also told the frequency and strength of storms is increasing because of man-made climate change. We will experience more flooding and more droughts, but I guess these will not occur at the same time!

The UK government has been duly informed by scientists from the UKMO that we are experiencing AGW on a dangerous scale due to emissions of man made CO2 produced by industrialisation. In 2008 the UK government introduced a bill in parliament called the Clime Change Act which limited emission of CO2 in-line with EU recommendations to prevent dangerous climate change…

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