Typhoon Dujuan strikes Taiwan

Official blog of the Met Office news team

Typhoon Dujuan has today (Monday 28 September) made landfall over Taiwan on the western rim of the Pacific Ocean with sustained winds well in excess of 100 mph. Dujuan is expected to drop large amounts of rainfall – 500mm is possible – over the mountainous interior of the island which could result in serious flooding and landslides. Within the first few hours of the typhoon affecting Taiwan 142mm of rainfall has already been recorded in Taipei.

Dujuan comes just seven weeks after Typhoon Soudelor struck the same part of northern Taiwan with a similar intensity. Soudelor caused flooding, destruction due to strong winds and some loss of life. Dujuan is expected to take a similar track to Soudelor – crossing the Taiwan Strait and reaching the Pacific coast of mainland China tomorrow (Tuesday 29 September) before moving inland.

Typhoon Dujuan just prior to landfall on 28 September 2015 Image courtesy of JMA Typhoon Dujuan just prior to landfall on 28 September 2015
Image courtesy…

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