Eradicating Termites with the Stoke of a Pen

Thanks Tim.

A great post highlighting the obvious distractions in the ‘settled science’.


Eradicating Termites

When I read Piers Corbyn’s [very much tongue-in-cheek] question Will there be a War on Ants little did I know that the the EPA had already eradicated termite CO2 emissions from their “greenhouse gas emissions inventory” and that the mainstream prefers to accidentally forget all about termite CO2 emissions when discussing the “Carbon Cycle”.

Amazingly, these pesky termite CO2 emissions were simply eradicated by the EPA with the stroke of a pen.

War on Ants

The termite problem that afflicts the CO2 Global Warming brethren can be traced back to 1982 when researchers discovered via “laboratory measurements” that termites produce vast quantities of carbon dioxide.

Termite Emissions

The New York Times reported upon this research and noted that termites “produce more than twice as much carbon dioxide as all the world’s smokestacks.”

Now researchers report that termites, digesting vegetable matter on a global basis, produce more than twice as much carbon dioxide…

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