Study Finds Extreme Rainfall Not Increasing In UK


By Paul Homewood

A new study has found there has been no significant trend in extreme rainfall in the UK since 1931. This demolishes frequent Met Office claims that such events are increasing with global warming.

Interestingly enough, the Met Office, so far at least, has not mentioned this paper at all in any press release, or in the news blog on their website.



The England and Wales precipitation (EWP) dataset is a homogeneous time series of daily accumulations from 1931 to 2014, composed from rain gauge observations spanning the region. The daily regional-average precipitation statistics are shown to be well described by a Weibull distribution, which is used to define extremes in terms of percentiles. Computed trends in annual and seasonal precipitation are sensitive to the period chosen, due to large variability on interannual and decadal timescales. Atmospheric circulation patterns associated with seasonal precipitation variability are identified…

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