Rare early snow in Netherlands

Temperatures at 700hpa. Image courtesy: earth.nullschool.net

A cold easterly is in effect today and scattered showers are moving west across Southern England. It’s a lot colder across continental Europe as Lauren Kils said in a comment earlier:

Just in case you may have missed this extraordinary weather event (which is not even reported among the main news headlines today on the Dutch new website nu.nl), the first snow for the 2015/2016 winter has fallen today (14 October) in the south of the Netherlands (Limburg). This is unusually early; only on one occasion before (in 1975) snow has been observed earlier than that, on 13 October.


As we have seen in recent years an early cold spell does not portend to winter, however the cold pool over Northern Europe and Siberia has lasted for much of the summer and the cold blob in the North Atlantic has also been persistent. It will be interesting to watch in the weeks and months ahead.

This is the story:

Sleet and snow hit several parts of Limburg province (51N) on Wednesday in an early start to winter. The maximum temperature is lower than average for the time of year, but the ground is still too warm to allow the snow to lie, broadcaster Nos says. In an average October, the maximum temperature is around 15 degrees but on Wednesday afternoon it was no higher than 4 degrees in Limburg and 9 degrees on the coast. The earliest snow ever to fall in the winter was in 1975, when several centimetres fell on October 13.

Read more at DutchNews.nl: First snow of winter falls in Limburg http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2015/10/first-snow-of-winter-falls-in-limburg/

The following is via Google Translate

First snow of autumn

On this Wednesday October 14 there have been reports of sleet in several places in Limburg. © Reuters

It’s early in the season for wet snow, but no record is located. © Reuters

Just a day earlier, on October 13, it came in 1975 to record early snowfall. There was then even a few centimeters of snow, which came to rest mainly on grass and car roofs. © Reuters
In Limburg was yesterday record cold for the second decade of October with 4.8 degrees. It is possible that this record today is made ​​immediately sharper. © Reuters


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