Massive impact of WeatherAction R5 period


Piers commented a couple of days ago…

Massive Deadly Earthquakes in 1/2d tail of WeatherAction TopRed, R5, period.

Once again the world has witnessed massive Earthquakes (eg M>~6.5) in or within half a day of WeatherAction R5 periods. In this case Oct 22-25+/-0.5day (GMT).

The M7.5 quake struck at 09.15 GMT Oct 26th centred in northern Afghanistan, in the Hindu Kush near the Tajikistan and Pakistan borders. Further details:

Piers Corbyn said “A number of observers have commented that there seems to be an association between WeatherAction most extreme R periods (ie R5s) and the most extreme (first quakes rather than after shocks) earthquakes. It has also been suggested that the quakes are more likely in the tail or possibly start or pre-stages of the R5. Full statistics are needed and further categorisation of R5s (inc. originating solar state) and earthquake events are needed to clarify what is going on. The research needs to concentrate on the MOST extreme events only because aftershocks of some sort happen a lot and confuse the issue“.

Nice one Piers


On 23 Oct Piers Corbyn on prime time SkyNews ( explained that ‘record’ Hurricane #Patricia
hitting Mexico was powered up to top Category 5 extreme by a ‘Top-Red’, R5 solar-weather effect period ~22-25 Oct predicted by Weather Action months ahead, nothing to do with CO2! [note: Patricia powered up from Tropical Storm status to a Category 5 in just 24 hours!!!]

Its track veered slightly right of “Official” as #Piers predicted. Super Typhoon Hiayan ~6Nov 2013, similarly powered-up in a WeatherAction Long-Range predicted
R5 period, he said. (

WeatherAction USA LongRange maps showed the LOW far SW USA assoc with Patricia.

WeatherAction Euro forecast also superbly captured extreme storms/tornadoes in Greece/Med.

There were record storms/Floods in Canary Isles,
Texas & other places.


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