Major earthquake Magnitude 7.5 kills many in Afghanistan

So very sad. The last report I saw had 70 dead, mostly in Pakistan. This came a half day following an R5 (top level) period by WeatherAction and also an elevated warning noted by Ben Davidson:

Hopefully someday this information will save lives, however what is needed now is help and buildings that are more able to stand up to earthquakes – a luxury of the developed world.

Earth Changing Extremities

A man with his belongings walks past the rubble of a house after it was damaged by an earthquake in Mingora
Twelve schoolgirls are confirmed to be among the dead as many in Pakistan and India report being “terrified” by shaking buildings
Scores of people have been killed after an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck Afghanistan, say officials, with the effects felt hundreds of miles away.
The United States Geological Survey said the epicentre was south of Feyzabad in northern Afghanistan, in a remote part of the Hindu Kush near the Tajikistan and Pakistan borders.
But the impact was experienced as far away as New Delhi, Islamabad and Lahore, say witnesses.
Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said in a tweet that the earthquake was “the strongest one felt in recent decades.
There were reports of heavy casualties caused in his country but exact numbers are yet to be released by the government.
A map showing the location of the Afghanistan earthquake
In the Afghan city of Taloqan, 12 schoolgirls were reported to have been killed in a…

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