The Roman Warm Period


The Roman Warm Period

Wikipedia isn’t impressed with the “proposed” and “popularized” Roman Warm Period.

The Roman Warm Period or the Roman climatic optimum has been proposed as a period of unusually warm weather in Europe and the North Atlantic that ran from approximately 250 BC to 400 AD.

The phrase “Roman Warm Period” appears in a 1995 doctoral thesis.

It was popularized by an article published in Nature in 1999.

Theophrastus [apparently] wasn’t impressed with the Roman Warm Period either.

Theophrastus (371 – c. 287 BC) wrote that date trees could grow in Greece if planted, but could not set fruit there.

This was probably because he died before the Roman Warm Period began in 250 BC.


Wikipedia tells us the southern Aegean was about “the same situation as today”.

This is the same situation as today, and suggests that southern Aegean mean summer temperatures in…

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