Barney – The Storm That Was Not


By Paul Homewood


The Met Office is rapidly becoming a laughing stock. Just days after the “will she/won’t she” farce of Abigail, we have now had the ridiculous overhyping of “Storm” Barney.

This is how it has summarised the storm:


It is this sort of information that allows dopey little reporters, like Eleanor Steafel, to blow the thing out of proportion. (In fact, a quick read reveals little more than a few power lines and branches down, the type of thing that happens anytime there is a bit of wind).

The first thing to point out is that all of the sites listed above are extremely exposed ones. Aberdaron is at the end of the long, Llyn Peninsula in NW Wales, and always features near the top of the list whenever gales head that way.

Capel Curig too usually features, due to its exposed position half way…

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