Bjørn Lomborg: Believe in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy? Then You’ll Probably Believe Wind Power Replaces Fossil Fuels, Too

Contrary to what many people believe, renewables will not get us off fossil fuels anytime soon.

According to International Energy Agency data, 13.1 per cent of the world’s energy came from renewables in 1971. In 2012, renewables’ share was essentially unchanged at 13.2 per cent


Easter-Bunny-Wallpapers-HD Unlike wind power, this little fella is a harmless fantasy.

When it comes to assessing the costs, risks and benefits of environmental policy, Bjørn Lomborg is one of the very few that provide balanced, detailed analysis; properly supported by facts and evidence.

The economic choices we make – about allocating scarce resources to unlimited wants – should – as Lomborg consistently points out – be made taking into account all of the costs weighed against properly measured benefits (see our post here).

Bjørn Lomborg has become one of the most high profile critics of insanely expensive and utterly pointless renewable energy policies across the globe (see our posts here and here and here).

For his efforts, Bjørn cops stick from both ends of the political spectrum: climate change-cultists deride him for his honesty about the insane cost and utter uselessness of wind and solar power; hard-core AGW…

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