Philip Johnston gets it wrong

And how many would die from the mitigation policies themselves? Something never factored in. Far more than from the decimation of our society to appease the fickle climate gods.

Roger Helmer MEP


I normally have a great deal of time for Philip Johnston, a columnist with the Daily Telegraph.  But his piece on December 1st, “The climate argument may never be won, but we can’t ignore it” is wrong on so many levels that I have to respond.

He starts out well enough, reflecting that the lefty eco-warriors who turned out in London on the last weekend in November to demand climate action and the closure of coal mines are (to a large extent) the very same lefty agitators who thirty years ago marched against mine closures.  He goes on to recall Margaret Thatcher’s brief flirtation with climate alarmism – but failing to add that if she was one of the first to recognise the warmist argument, she was also one of the first to see through it.

Johnston goes on to cite the failure of successive Global Climate…

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