Slingo Fails To Answer The Real Questions


By Paul Homewood


A predictably lame response from the Met Office about Storm Desmond. There is the usual arm waving about climate change, but it fails to address several more relevant issues:

1) How reliable are the supposed “records”? We already know that Honister only has a short period of record. What about Thirlmere?

2) There is talk of warm waters in the western Atlantic, but no mention of much colder than normal waters in the Northern part of the Atlantic, which certainly played a role.


3) Slingo correctly claims that their 3-monthly outlooks anticipated a stormy start to the winter. This was specifically related to the warm/cold gradient. So why no mention of this factor now?


4) As usual, Slingo goes on to talk about “fundamental physics”, but fails to quantify just how much extra rainfall this should in theory cause.

Theoretical studies suggest that the…

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